Party Overview

No matter your age, everyone deserves a unique birthday bash to celebrate their special day each year!
From breakfast to lunch to after-school tea time, McDonald's has been there throughout your academic life. Now that you're graduating, let's kickstart the next chapter of your life together!
Winning a competition or getting a promotion - all your big moments are worth a big celebration. Bring your friends or colleagues along to double the joy!
Festival celebrations are all about being together. With McDonald's, you can invite all your loved ones for an unforgettable party!
Say goodbye to your dear ones with a farewell party at McDonald's, creating those last precious memories before parting ways.
Gifts for the Party Star! Party Star will receive the following gifts:

Membership card holders will receive additional party services with their party!

Terms & Conditions

A. About Booking and Fees 

1. The Deposit may only be used to offset charges for the purchase of food and drink items at the scheduled party. The Deposit cannot be used to pay for the Party service fee or decoration charges. Unused portion of the Deposit will not be refunded, and cannot be exchanged for cash, store credits, gift certificates or cash equivalent.
2. Unless otherwise specified,  other promotion, discount or offer cannot be used in conjunction with this party reservation.
3. Please present the receipt of the Deposit and the reservation confirmation email on the scheduled date of the party.
4. This reservation is only valid at the restaurant confirmed at the time of reservation (“Restaurant”) and may not be transferred to any other third party or used at other McDonald’s restaurants.
5. Minimum charge applies to parties held at a McDonald’s restaurant. Please pay attention to the applicable minimum charge of the relevant restaurant at the time of reservation.
6. Only charges for food and drink items, decoration charges and service fees are counted towards the minimum charge. Any balance or unused portion of the minimum charge will not be refunded or be exchanged for credits , gift certificates or cash equivalent.
7. In addition to the minimum charge, a fee of HK$280 will charged by the Restaurant as a party service fee.  The Party service fee includes 1 set of Gifts for the Party Star, 9 sets of Gifts for Guests, game prizes, paper plates and utensils and more. This party service charge shall apply even if the number of participants will be less than 10.  There can be up to 3 Party Stars at each party.  If the number of Party Stars exceed 1, each additional headcount shall be charged an additional fee of HK$120 for Gifts for Party Star.  If the number of participants attending the party will be more than 10, each additional headcount shall be charged an additional fee of HK$28 and each will receive the gift pack mentioned above. Such HK$28 additional fee does not include any food and drink. The above-mentioned attendees are counted on a per-capita basis regardless of age.
8. All gifts are limited and will be replaced by other products when out of stock. Gifts are subject to availability at individual restaurants.
9. Food and drinks items will be charged at their respective standard price prevailing on the date of the scheduled party at the Restaurant. Except for selected meal sets, other discounts, promotion or special offers are not applicable at parties.  Except for manifest error, McDonald’s counting of food and drinks items ordered by participants at the party shall be conclusive and binding.
10. All orders are to be paid by cash, other designated mobile payment and credit cards.

B. About the Party

11. Party will take place at a designated area within the Restaurant, to be determined solely by McDonald’s. The duration of the party is approximately one and a half hours.
12. In the event of circumstances beyond our control that the Restaurant shall require the cancellation of the party, including public health, black rainstorm warning or the hoisting of typhoon signal No. 8 or above, the party will be cancelled. Customers may choose to reschedule the party within 3 months from the original scheduled date of the party (subject to availability), or receive a refund of the Deposit. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage as a result of the cancellation due to issues stated herein (including payment made by customers to any other third parties).
13. Outside food (except one birthday cake) or drinks or gambling tools are not permitted in this restaurant.
14. The Restaurant does not have and cannot provide cake storage service. Please bring the party cake by yourself at the time of the party or you can arrange the cake shop to deliver the cake to the Restaurant during the time of the party and acknowledge receipt at the party. (Don’t accept ice cream cake)
15. Price of decoration items and Limited Edition Gift will be advised by the Restaurant at the time of reservation. Any order and/or change to decoration items requested shall be notified by the customer to the Restaurant not less than 10 working days prior to the date of the scheduled party.
16. Ocean-Themed Balloon Set, Party Color-Themed Balloon Set and Party Balloon set items are for decoration and can be used at the party only. Customers may not remove such Balloon set items or take them away after the party.
17. No banners, fireworks, audio/visual disc, tapes or recordings, speakers, or audio equipment and sparkler candles of any kind are allowed at the party or this Restaurant.
18. Do not produce, publish, display or distribute any promotional materials which may contain inaccurate, biased, misleading or deceptive content and/or which may infringe intellectual property rights.
19. This party service is only available for personal or internal use within an organization. Customers must not use this service for any benefit, gain, profit or reward, or any other commercial purposes.
20. Please lower your volume in the party area.
21. Please follow the instructions of the restaurant staff. Any person who fails to follow such instructions or comply with these Terms and Conditions, may be refused to use of the party area or requested to leave this restaurant.
22. Please take care of your personal belongings and valuable items. MHK Restaurants Limited shall not be responsible for any lost, stolen or destroyed of items at this restaurant.
23. MHK Restaurants Limited can cancel, modify and/or revise the above terms and conditions without any prior notice.
24. McDonald’s reserves the right to use the likeness of any participant and his/her family in a photograph or other image or video during party in publicity material including posting on the website of McDonald’s and McDonald’s Family Magazine, without any notice or consent and the customer hereby permits McDonald’s to use any such material in which his/her likeness appears as afore-mentioned.
25. McDonald’s may also send marketing materials on behalf of our business partners on their products or services (such as offers in the areas of entertainment and recreation, food and beverages, electronics, sporting goods, beauty and health, leisure, travel, finance, insurance, retail and consumption, lifestyle and home products, etc.) which may be of interest to you. If you elect to receive such marketing materials, McDonald’s will not share your personal information with such partners but will rather send a communication to you on behalf of such partners.
26. Applicable within the MTR (Mass Transit Railway) network area:

  1. Open flames are strictly prohibited in the MTR area McDonald’s, including burning candles.
  2. Metallic balloons, dangerous or flammable materials such as paint, thinner, compressed gas and liquefied petroleum gas are strictly prohibited within the MTR area McDonald’s.
  3. In order to avoid obstructing the MTR station broadcasting, the party audio volume will be limited.

27. McDonald’s Privacy Policy on collection and use of personal data are incorporated into and form part of these terms and conditions. By paying the Deposit, you are deemed to have consented to the collection and use by McDonald’s of the personal data in accordance with such Privacy Policy. All such personal data will only be used for matters relating to the Party including for administration, operation and follow-up purposes and, if you have made the appropriate selection on the order form, for the purpose of marketing our products and services (including our food and beverages, our catering and delivery services) and promotional events to you, and such other purposes which are directly related to the holding of the Party. Please note that personal data may be provided within the McDonald’s Family or to third parties providing administrative support to us, but these companies or persons may only use such personal information for the purpose of achieving the above-mentioned purposes. You have the right to access and correct such data at any time and advise us that you do not wish to receive any marketing information from us or on behalf of our business partners.

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