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Can I arrange performance and decorations for the party on my own?

This party service is only available for personal or internal use within an organization. Customers must not use this service for any benefit, gain, profit or reward, or any other commercial purposes.

We do not accept clowns, magic, other show or any decoration prepared by customers. No banners, fireworks, audio/visual disc, tapes or recordings, speakers, or audio equipment and sparkler candles of any kind are allowed at the party.

The restaurant will provide basic venue decorations, including party venue signage, party tablecloth (only for the nomination and cake-cutting session), and party easels. Customers can purchase additional ocean-themed balloon sets, color-themed balloon sets, and party balloon sets as needed. These are for venue decoration purpose only and cannot be taken away from the party venue.

What is the minimum spending for the party?

All parties held at McDonald’s have a minimum spending requirement. Please take note of the restaurant’s minimum spending policy when booking a party in the system.

Can the restaurant help store or receive the party cake?

The restaurant does not have and cannot provide cake storage service. Please bring the party cake by yourself at the time of the party or you can arrange the cake shop to deliver the cake to the Restaurant during the time of the party and acknowledge receipt at the party. (Ice cream cakes are not accepted.)

Can I take the balloon decorations I ordered after the party ends?

All ordered balloon sets are for venue decoration purpose only and cannot be taken away from the party venue.

I didn't order balloon decorations and limited edition gifts when I was making the party reservation. Can I order them now?

If customers need to book and/or modify any venue decoration items, please notify us through the email address stated in the booking confirmation email at least 10 working days before the party date. The cost of venue decorations and limited edition gifts will be charged based on the price provided in the online party booking system on the reservation date.

How long is each party session?

Each party session takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Can I have the rundown of the party?

The party flow is as follows:

  • Welcome guests
  • Introduce the party program and meet the party host
  • Party card nomination
  • Enjoy the food
  • Party games
  • Celebration: Sing birthday songs, cake cutting and group photo taking
  • Distribution of party cards and gifts
I booked a party but want to cancel or reschedule it. How can I arrange that?

To cancel a reservation, please contact us through the email address stated in the booking confirmation email at least 21 days before the party date. Otherwise, the paid deposit will not be refunded.

What is the arrangement if there is a black rainstorm warning or typhoon signal number 8 or above on the day of the party?

If the restaurant has to cancel the party due to any uncontrollable circumstances, including public health concerns, a black rainstorm warning, or typhoon signal number 8 or above, you can reschedule the party within three months from the original party date (subject to availability) or receive a refund of the deposit. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage as a result of the cancellation due to issues stated herein (including payment made by customers to any other third parties).

Will the party provide gifts for the Party Star and guests?

The restaurant will charge a party service fee of HKD $280. This fee includes a party host, a gift set for the Party Star, 9 sets of gifts for guests, game prizes, paper plates and utensils and more. Even if the number of participants is less than 10, the party service fee still applies.  There can be up to 3 Party Stars at each party.  If the number of Party Stars exceeds 1, each additional headcount shall be charged an additional fee of HK$120 for Gifts for Party Star. If the number of guests attending the party exceeds 10, each additional headcount will be charged an additional party service fee of HKD $28. This fee does not include any food and drink. The mentioned attendees are counted on a per-capita regardless of age.

How to book a party?

To make a reservation, you need to complete the form and pay a deposit of HKD $300 via the online booking system. You will receive a booking confirmation and deposit receipt in email.