Restaurant Designs

Hong Kong, one of the world’s fashion capitals, is a fitting location for McDonald’s most chic and stylish restaurants. Created by internationally renowned architects, our exciting “Ray”, “Essential Ingredients”, “Geometry” and “Playground” interior concepts create specific atmospheres and moods to deliver a differentiated, “designer” dining experience.

A Ray-diant Idea

The Ray design sports a compelling mix of classic and cool to deliver customer-oriented interiors and a timeless, confident restaurant presentation.

Have fun with Geometry

The Geometry design features a compelling concoction of geometrical illustrations, grey concrete panels and minimal light color wood finishes for a clean and modern interior. Spiced up with pops of fun and energetic orange red, Geometry embodies the perfect balance between sophistication and playfulness.

A Taste of Essential Ingredients

Inspired by playful pop art, Essential Ingredients is a fun and creative representation of McDonald’s iconic ingredients. Dynamic shapes and refreshing colors illustrate the essence of the brand, creating a bright and delightful atmosphere.

Big City in My Playground

To bring a blissful experience to families and kids, the Playground design uses curved shapes and bright colors to convey comfort and happiness. We are incorporating thoughtful family facilities, such as comfortable Baby Care Rooms and children-friendly play areas and fun-filled PlayPlace.