At McDonald’s, family customers matter to us and wee have some restaurants boosting a place of real fun. We offer family-friendly facilities which not only delight kids, but also make things little easier for parents during family outings.

Family-designed Restaurants

Our family-centric restaurants are nicely executed with visually pleasant patterns and brightly coloured palates. Fun and playful elements are incorporated throughout. Some of them might have upholstered seating and tables with soft edges too, providing the next level of safety and comfort. Furnishings laminated in vibrant hues create an overall happy mood for our family customers.



Breast-feeding Friendly

Our “Breastfeeding Friendly Restaurants” are found in various parts of the city where seats located in quiet corners are designated as “Breastfeeding Priority Seats” for breastfeeding mothers. Baby care rooms are also introduced to our restaurants in Tai Wo, Yuen Long, Lam Tin and Whampoa Garden. At any McDonald’s restaurant, we welcome mothers to do breastfeeding and we are happy to arrange relatively quiet and secluded seats for breastfeeding mothers.

breastfeeding-friendly-restaurants-photo04          breastfeeding-friendly-restaurants-photo03

Indoor and Outdoor PlayPlace

While the parents enjoy food at our restaurants, the kids can have lots of fun too. Our restaurants in Tai Wo and Hung Hom Station respectively boast the one and only one unique indoor and outdoor PlayPlace for McDonald’s in Hong Kong. Our PlayPlace are perfect for jumping, climbing and running.


Reading Corner

Parents play a key role in fostering children’s love of reading, and McDonald’s Hong Kong is keen to inspire children to read. Not only do we distribute books through Happy Meals, we also have a Reading Corner in our restaurant in Hung Hom Station offering around 500 children books. Don’t forgot to visit us with your kids if you drop by the restaurant!

Happy Meals

Kids love a treat and we have a menu dedicated for our children customers. A key attraction of the Happy Meal is the toy/ book that comes with it!