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Mobile Ordering and Order Enquiries > Mobile Ordering Process - Placing an Order
What is Mobile Ordering?

The mobile ordering feature allows you to place your order before arriving at your selected restaurant. Once you have paid for your order, you can pick it up at the restaurant counter. “Order, Pay & Take” offers you a convenient and efficient dining experience.

How do I set my restaurant location for order pickup?

Go to “Menu”, search for a restaurant below and select your preferred location for order pick-up.

How do I set my favorite restaurant?

Select “Menu” on the homepage, select “Find another restaurant” to search for your preferred restaurant, and then select “Save to My Favorites”.

How do I know if my order has been received by the selected McDonald’s restaurant?

Once you have placed an order, the McDonald’s App will show you your order number. This confirms that the restaurant has received your order. Please pick it up at the counter with the provided order number.

Why is my McDonald’s App not showing nearby restaurants?

Please enable location services for the McDonald’s App in your mobile device, and you will find nearby restaurants with ease.

What can I do if I have selected the wrong restaurant when placing my order?

You will be prompted by the McDonald’s App to double check your selected restaurant before payment. Once confirmed, the order cannot be changed or refunded.

Can I place my order ahead of time?

You can place an order ahead through the McDonald’s App and pick up your order directly at the counter when you arrive at the restaurant. Mobile ordering ensures the entire process to be seamless and quick.

How do I select dine-in or takeaway?

After selecting your food items on the menu page and placing them in the shopping cart, click “Checkout” and then you will see options for “Takeaway” or “Dine-In”.

Can I customize an order in the McDonald’s App?

You may check out customization options for different items on the McDonald’s App menu.

Please note that certain products, including Filet-O-Fish, Double Filet-O-Fish, McSpicy Chicken Burger, Big Mac, Egg & Cheese Burger, and Double Cheeseburger do not offer options of “Less Sauce” or “Extra Sauce”. Instead, you can choose between “With Sauce” and “No Sauce”. Certain beverages, including Iced Local Milk Tea, Iced Americano, Iced Latte, Iced White Coffee and Iced Fresh Lemon Tea do not offer options of “Less Ice” or “No Ice” options.

Is there a charge for packaging of takeaway orders?

In response to the Environmental Protection Department’s full implementation of the ‘Enhanced Shopping Bag Charging Scheme,’ plastic bag charge exemptions have been tightened starting from December 31, 2022. Only food items without packaging, not wholly contained in any packaging, or takeaway items in non-airtight packaging will qualify for one free plastic shopping bag per transaction.

For customers who order a Breakfast Platter or Twisty Pasta meal set with a drink, we will provide one plastic bag for free, placing both the food and the drink in the same bag. If customers request an extra bag for the drink, there will be a charge of HK$1. If the order comes in a paper bag and customers request a separate bag for the drink, we will provide one plastic bag for free upon request.

At McDonald’s, we encourage everyone to take a step forward in environmental protection by reducing the use of plastic.

Can I re-order my past orders?

Yes, please go to “My Recent Orders”, select the order you like and click “Reorder”. Please note that we are unable to change or refund your order once the payment is confirmed, even if the previous coupon offer is no longer valid for the new transaction.

How do I change or cancel my order?

You can cancel, modify your order or order additional items prior to payment. Once confirmed, the order cannot be changed or refunded. we are unable to change or refund your order.