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How do I pick up my order (For McDonald’s Restaurants and McCafés)

After placing your order, you may collect your food items at the respective counters. Please note that if your order includes items from McCafé, you have to collect them separately at the McCafé counter according to your order number.

How do I use Table Service when dining in?

1. Before you start using our mobile facilitated dine-in table service, please ensure your phone settings allow the McDonald’s App to access the camera.
2. Place your order on the “Order” page
3. Choose your food items (the menu will show single items and meal prices).
4. After confirming your order, click “Next: Add to bag”.
5. Proceed to checkout by clicking on the shopping bag icon on the “Order” page.
6. Select “Table Service” as the pickup option.
7. Scan the QR code on your tabletop.
8. Confirm your selected restaurant.
9. Review your order. You can still make changes to the selected restaurant and order details at this stage.
10. Choose your payment method.
11. After order confirmation, the pickup table number (#47) and order number (#003) will be displayed.
12. Relax and wait for your order to arrive at your table!


What should I do if there are missing or incorrect items in my order?

You can enquire with our staff at the pickup restaurant or get in touch through the “Contact Us” page for assistance. Before leaving the restaurant, please ensure that the items in your order matches what you ordered.

What should I do if I have feedback regarding the food?

You can either speak with our staff at the pickup restaurant or reach out to us via the “Contact Us” page. We’ll respond quickly to any questions or concerns.

Is there a charge for takeaway packaging?

In response to the Environmental Protection Department’s full implementation of the ‘Enhanced Shopping Bag Charging Scheme,’ plastic bag charge exemptions have been tightened starting from December 31, 2022. Only food items without packaging, not wholly contained in any packaging, or takeaway items in non-airtight packaging will qualify for one free plastic shopping bag per transaction.

For customers who order a Breakfast Platter or Twisty Pasta meal set with a drink, we will provide one plastic bag for free, placing both the food and the drink in the same bag. If customers request an extra bag for the drink, there will be a charge of HK$1. If the order comes in a paper bag and customers request a separate bag for the drink, we will provide one plastic bag for free upon request.

At McDonald’s, we encourage everyone to take a step forward in environmental protection by reducing the use of plastic.