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How do I use a coupon in the New McDonald's App?

1. Select your desired coupon under “Deals”.
2. You can make use of filters to select your desired coupon type.
3. Coupons come with terms and conditions, such as its validity period and whether it can be used repeatedly.
4. Choose the coupon and click “redeem”.
5. You can select “Complete Order on Mobile” or “Scan at Counter or Ordering Kiosk”

What do the filters at the top of the "Promotions" page do?

These filters are a new feature designed to categorize coupons based on availability and type, such as Limited Yime Offers,Prepaid Coupon, Breakfast, After 11am, Teatime, McCafé, Crispy Thighs, Family Club, and Sharing Combo. You can use the filters to quickly and easily select the type of coupon you’re interested in.

You can select multiple filters at the same time, and the page will only display the types of coupons you’ve selected. When you do not use any filters, the page will display all coupons.

Why do some coupons show as "Unavailable now"?

Some coupons are only valid during specific times. If the coupon is outside its validity period, it will be temporarily unavailable.

Can I use more than one coupon in an order?

A coupon can only be used once per order.

If I accidentally click the "redeem" button but don't scan the QR code before the redemption period ends, does that make the coupon invalid?

If you do not scan the QR code within the redemption period, don’t worry — the coupon will be available again in a few minutes for you to use next time.

If I encounter a loading issue while trying to redeem a coupon and the coupon disappears, what do I do?

If the QR code hasn’t been redeemed, the coupon will be restored within several minutes. If any other issues arise, please reach out to us by clicking on the “Contact Us” page.

Why did a coupon disappear from the McDonald's App?

If a coupon has been redeemed or expired, it will disappear from the “Deals” page. If you come across any other issues, feel free to reach out to us via the “Contact Us” page.

Can I redeem a coupon more than once?

There are two types of coupons on the Mcdonald’s App: one-off and recurring, which it will mark “Repeating offer” to coupon available for repeat entitlement. If you use a recurring coupon, it will reappear on the “Deals” page within a few minutes.

How do I make sure I will not miss out on any promotions?

The McDonald’s App provides exclusive limited-time deals to members from time to time. To ensure you will not miss out, go to the “My Account” page and click on “Communication Settings” to enable notifications. Additionally, make sure your phone settings allow the McDonald’s App to send notifications, so you can receive our latest promotional emails and push notifications.

Is there an expiry date for coupons?

Each coupon has an expiry date. Please ensure you use the coupon before this date, or it will disappear after the expiry date.

Why are the coupons in my App different from those in my friends?

McDonald’s App offers exclusive limited-time and personalized deals to members from time to time. Each member may receive different offers depending on the nature of the promotion.

Can I share a coupon with my freinds?

Sorry — coupons may not be shared. But you can invite friends to sign up as McDonald’s App members to enjoy exclusive offers together.

Do McDonald's App coupons apply to all restaurants?

McDonald’s App coupons are not applicable at the following McDonald’s restaurants: Peak Galleria, Ocean Park, Sha Tin Racecourse, Happy Valley Racecourse and any restaurants inside the Hong Kong International Airport. Each coupon specifies the restaurants where it is not applicable.