How Do We Process Our Food?

All McDonald’s® products, from the selection of ingredients through preparation and cooking, comply with the most stringent food safety and quality standards. Every procedure is monitored thoroughly to ensure that we serve top quality, tasty food.


Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a systematic, preventive approach to ensure food safety that identifies, evaluates and controls all hazards.


Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) monitors food preparation locations, processes, environments and hygiene. These stringent manufacturing processes ensure that all food prepared is high quality hygienic and safe

McDonald’s cares greatly about the quality of our beef. We take great care in monitoring and controlling preparation right from ingredients through delivery, handling and cooking. beef-photo

To ensure the quality of our food, at McDonald’s our chicken is only served to you after a vigorous manufacturing process that ensures comprehensive quality control from farm to counter and that is why our chicken is of high quality, juicy and delicious.


At McDonald’s our potato products are made from top-quality potatoes. Whole potatoes are used and each fry is specially produced for length, texture and color quality, to ensure quality and retain nutrients.



Our dairy products undergo strict quality controls, including:

  • Ingredients are mixed by fully automatic machines. Hands-free operations help ensure that our stringent food safety and quality standards are adhered to.
  • All dairy products are pasteurized to retain freshness.
  • All dairy products are stored in temperature-controlled storage, then delivered to McDonald’s Restaurants in refrigerated trucks.
  • Quality assurance experts regular monitor the whole preparation process to ensure the safety and quality of our food.

All our buns go through stringent quality control processes. These ensure that you can enjoy the buns while they are fresh and fluffy.


Right from when the Alaskan pollock are caught through trimming, cooking and serving, we subject our fish to strict control procedures that ensure food safety.


Picked, cut, cleaned and vacuum-packed, McDonald’s lettuce is freshly delivered with no preservatives added.