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Hot Fresh Lemon Water
Ground Coffee
Hot Lemon Tea
Hot Local Milk Tea
Premium Roast Coffee
Hi-Calcium Low Fat Milk Drink
Minute Maid® Orange Juice
Qoo Soya Milk
Soy Milk
Fuze Tea - Honey Pear Tea
Iced Fresh Lemon Tea
Iced Premium Roast Coffee
Bonaque Mineralized Water
Iced Local Milk Tea

*Per 100g for food items, and per 100ml for beverage items


Nutrition Disclaimer

  • At McDonald’s we believe in the nutritional principles of balance, variety and moderation and that eating at McDonald’s can fit into a healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to provide you with the information necessary to make informed decisions about your McDonald’s menu choices. This guide can help you balance your McDonald’s meal with the other meals you eat today, and every day.
  • The nutrition information is based on standard product formulations, standard product assembly and standard serving sizes (including ice for drinks from our beverage system). Actual sizes and assembly may vary. Due to the individual preparation of each of our menu items, actual values may vary from those listed. Variations may also occur depending on different suppliers, country of origin, and the season of the year. Further, product formulations may change periodically. All information provided here is for reference only.
  • As we operate working kitchens please be aware that there is always a risk that traces of allergens may be transferred to ingredients during storage or preparation of food in our kitchens. McDonald’s Restaurants are therefore unable to guarantee that any food item sold is free from traces of allergens.
  • Whilst some ingredients may not contain animal ingredients, we cannot guarantee that there will be no cross contact with ingredients that do contain animal ingredients in our kitchens
  • If you would like further information or have concerns regarding specific ingredients in specific menu items, please contact our Customer Relations Team (for contact information, please visit our website