We're not just a hamburger company serving people; we're a people company serving hamburgers.
People Vision
To Be the Best Employer in Each Community Around the World. Being the best means opportunities, training and development; satisfaction, rewards and recognition.
People Promise
To all our present and future employees, we'd like you to know that we are committed."We Value You, Your Growth and Your Contributions"
5 people principles

Respect and Recognition – “Treat others the way you want to be treated”

  • Managers treat employees as they would like to be treated
  • Employees are respected and valued
  • Employees are recognized for good performance, extra effort, teamwork and customer services

Values and Leadership Behaviors – “Walk the Talk”

  • We act in the best interest of the Company
  • We communicate openly, listening for understanding and valuing diverse opinions
  • We accept personal accountability
  • We coach and learn

Competitive Pay and Benefits – “Pay competitively”

  • Pay and benefits are fair and competitive in the local market
  • We provide consistent reviews to foster quality performance

Learning, Development and Personal Growth – “Teach skills and values that last for a lifetime”

  • Employees continually receive skills, knowledge and training
  • Employees are provided with tools to develop personally and professionally in an environment which fosters growth

Resources to Get the Job Done – “Employees needs fundamental resources to serve customers”

  • Employees have all the resources they need to perform their jobs effectively
  • Restaurants are adequately staffed and provide employees with a balanced lifestyle through flexible work schedules